Dr. Havasi Máté

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Dr. Havasi Máté

Utolsó frissítés: 2022 május 26.

Senior Research Fellow
E-mail: Havasi.Mate@uni-mate.hu

Technology improvement of European catfish production and selective breeding program

Realizing the necessity of the intensification of fish production, we have been working on the innovation of rearing technologies for European catfish rearing for over a decade. We have been studying health management, nutrition and propagation in parallel. Our aim is to provide affordable fish produced with sustainable production technologies for the market. European catfish is a valuable species, which is suitable for intensive production. However, its current volume in the pond production is negligible. As no selection has been conducted on this species so far, we have a good opportunity for creating new, robust, intensely growing catfish strains. In order to reach this goal, we initiated a new selective breeding program, in which the broodstock is selected according to the performance of their fingerlings using molecular markers. According to our expectations, a significant improvement can be reached in the important traits of the species.

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