Tamás Gergely Molnár, PhD.

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Dr. Molnár Tamás Gergely

Last modified: 07. March 2023

Senior research fellow
E-mail: Molnar.Tamas.Gergely@uni-mate.hu

From the beginning of mine professional life I am giving lectures in different Bsc and Msc courses, and from 2014 I am the secretary of the foreign students of the Doctorate School of Environmental Sciences. Beside the teaching I also do research activity in two directions: one of that is the biodegradation of mycotoxins by bacteria and the studying of the enzymatic way of that process, which I still investigate. My other research direction is the investigation of the connection between the soil fertility and the indigenous microbe population, through NGS metagenomic methods and bioinformatics solutions to understand the fertility aspects of the different soils types and their PGPR bacteria populations.

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