Sándor Szoboszlay, PhD.

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Dr. Szoboszlay Sándor

Last modified: 18. September 2023

Head of Department, Associate professor


E-mail: Szoboszlay.Sandor@uni-mate.hu  



Using environmental safety approaches to analysis of the diverse impacts of human activities (pollution, climate change, pesticide usage, microplastic outflows) on health and the ecosystem, realisation of innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to manage the problems identified.
Settlement/community hygiene, environmental hygiene of surface and subsurface water, human and livestock drinking water, irrigation water and wastewater. Monitoring of hazardous water pollutants, improvement of their removal and biodetoxification, exploration of the microbiome of different ecological systems, prediction of their biotechnological applicability.
On the basis of monitored data, analysis of the interactions of micropollutants (EDC, EMP, microplastic, pesticide, UV filters, drug residues, microorganisms) using cellular toxicity, hormone modulation methods to reveal the harmful effects. 
Development of drone-based field sampling methods, human and ecology risk assessment.

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