Nevena Kitanovic

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Kitanović Nevena

Last modified: 19. April 2024

PhD. student


I am a PhD Candidate at the Doctoral School of Animal Biotechnology and Animal Science of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Main research areas of my thesis are fish reproduction and gamete biology, with the focus on fish oogenesis and oocyte development. The goal of my work is to develop a base system that would support growth and maturation of fish oocytes in culture, by optimizing culture conditions and hormonal stimulation required in the process. Such in vitro systems are useful tools in fundamental research, as models of oogenesis and its regulatory mechanisms, as well in applied sciences, such as aquaculture and biotechnology. As a member of the Fish Reproduction Group, led by Prof. Ákos Horváth, I am also involved in multiple projects that focus on preservation of fish genetic resources, by developing new techniques of gamete cryopreservation and germline research.

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