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Bedics Anna

Last modified: 02. May 2024

PhD. student

I am currently participating in the doctoral program of the Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences of the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences. My research has been carried out at the Department of Molecular Ecology of the Institute of Aquaculture and Environmental Safety. I study the bacterial community of subsurface areas contaminated with aromatic hydrocarbons by molecular and classical microbiological methods. In the course of my work I aimed to explore the biodegradation of benzene under microaerobic conditions, however, during my New National Excellence Programme (ÚNKP) scholarship for the 2020/2021 academic year, I also had the opportunity to work with members of the bacterial community of the studied site involved in xylene degradation. In addition to the research activities required for the doctoral program, I also participate in the preparation and performance of classical and molecular microbiological experiments as a research assistant at the Department of Molecular Ecology and I support the research activities of undergraduate students at the department.

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