Tibor Benedek, PhD.

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Dr. Benedek Tibor

Last modified: 25. May 2022

Senior research fellow
E-mail: Benedek.Tibor@uni-mate.hu

In the last decade we have been doing research in the field of biodegradation of environmental pollutants, such as simple- and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and pharmaceuticals. We also study the microbial ecology of contaminated environments from a phylogenetic and functional diversity point of view. Recently, our focus turned from the xenobiotics degrading planktonic communities to the more diverse bacterial biofilms developed in contaminated environments. We also focus on biofilm-based bioremediation systems such as biobarriers, as the most sustainable and the greenest remediation technologies.
During our research we combine conventional microbiological techniques with cutting edge molecular biological approaches and bioinformatics (-omics approaches, metagenome-metatranscriptome studies, whole genome sequencing, metagenome binning). The goal of our research activities is to enrich, identify and isolate bacteria that are capable of xenobiotics biodegradation. We establish bacterial strain collections, which members are tested for their biodegradation capacities using analytical chemistry (HPLC, GC-MS).

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