Ákos Horváth, DSc.

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Ákos Horváth, DSc.

Last modified: 06. July 2023

Head of Department, professor

E-mail: Horvath.Akos@uni-mate.hu

My primary area of research is the reproductive biology of fish. Earlier, I mostly dealt with the development of various fish sperm cryopreservation methods which resulted in successful protocols in cyprinids, acipenseriform fish, percids as well as salmonids. Later, my scientific interest turned towards the cryopreservation and transplantation of germline stem cells (primarily spermatogonia and oogonia). Successful transplantation of spermatogonia has been accomplished by our team in international collaboration in salmonids and cyprinids. In addition, my research expertise includes population genetics of various salmonid species as well as cytogenetics in fish and shellfish species.

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